5 minutes to health

None of us need say “We do not have time for exercises or walking”
If all it takes is 5 minutes to do these
simpliFITy helps you do short 3-5 min health activities
Many times a day

simpliFITy has the disruptive potential to convert 100s of millions of non-doers into doers of health activities

Whoever you are, your body needs you to do a few simple things every day to stay healthy. But most of us surprisingly don’t do these. As a result, we become fat, lose strength fast, or worse.

Those of us, especially 30 years and above, know that these activities can make us live a far more healthy and enriched life.

And REALLY want to follow these.

But we don’t.


Why are we not doing it?


  • We don’t have time
  • We simply forget to do
  • We feel these activities are difficult
  • We don’t see immediate benefits

What if an app can make this change happen?

What if an app can

  • Suggest 3-5 min health activities, and
  • Help you do these 5 min health activities


An app that makes fitness easy by enabling you to do small bits of health activities in 3-5 minutes, and provides you useful reminders and analytics.

Use simpliFITy to do the following simple but important fitness activities in an easy and fun way, day after day:

  • Short and simple 3 minute physical exercises
  • Doing short 5 minute walks
  • Simple 3 minute deep breathing
  • Small tweaks to more healthy food
  • Drinking water enough times

All the above are simple to do. And made simpler through simpliFITy.



Early users have reported significant healthy behavior changes from using this. Download simpliFITy now and try it yourself.

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