Are you familiar with these water statistics?!

• We humans are mostly water.


• Your cell, muscle, nerves, tissue and every molecule of these requires water. For what?! To keep you alive.
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• For the watery humans who couldn’t picture the above fact, here is a ton load of more fact to get the picture clear.

Blood- 92% water,
Brain- 92% water.
Muscles- 75% water.
Bones-22% water.

• A new-born infant has more, up to 79% water in their
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• Obesity can decrease the percentage of water in the body down to 45%. Which means when you drink more water, you loose weight !!
• Our bodies loose a total amount of 2.5 liters water per day.
• We typically get 1 Liter back from food.
• Our bodies make 0.3 Liters through Chemical reactions.
• We therefore need to drink 1.2 litres per day.

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