What is simpliFITy all about?

simpliFITy makes it easy for all of us to undertake simple, short health and fitness activities every day. It does this by providing easy health packs for exercise, walking, breathing exercise and food control. Each of these health packs can be done in 3-5 minutes. These health packs and related tips are provided in the form of regular popups that appear within the app, througout the day.

What are the main health activities suggested by the app?

The health activities can be categorized into three: simpliDo, simpliEat and simpliBreathe. simpliDo makes it easy for you to undertake aerobic and stretching exercises, simpliEat helps you in maintaining a healthy food intake and simpliBreathe helps you undertake highly beneficial short breathing exercises

How can I benefit significantly from using simpliFITy?

The easiest way to benefit from simpliFITy is by opening the app every 30 minutes or so and checking out the health tips and health packs the app automatically provides for every hour. These are different for different hours! These tips are provided in easy pop-ups. Just in case the pop-up does not appear, click on the Guide to Health in main section in the main page to get these tips.

What is the Where Are You Now? feature all about?

This feature gives you tips for simple health activities, for whatever location / environment you are in. For instance, if you are at an airport and would like to use the waiting time to do some health activities, you can choose the Airport section from Where Are You Now? to get some tips.Access this section from the top menu.

What is the Do Now all about?

This provides hourly tips and suggestions for short health activities, on all three categories – simpliDo, simpliEat and simpliBreathe. Click on this section as many as possible during the day to get good suggestions for health activities that you can do right then and there!

How do I know what short exercises I can do?

Use the Exercise image on top panel (which blinks when you open the app) for suggestions on 3 min packs. For more guidance on other simple exercises you can do, click on the question mark next to the Exercise status toolbar under 5 Mins to Health. You get tips for simple and short exercises, whatever is your age, and wherever you are.

What do the calories number in HealthMeter denote?

It denotes the calories burnt by you for doing extra physical activities, other than your day-to-day activities. The extra physical activities could be from the main health activities or from the Lifestyle activities that you can enter from the Activity Calories section (under Calorie Calculator).

Does the app give estimates for the number of calories I consume every day?

No. The app does not include data on calories consumed every day. This is because we feel it is very complex to track details of all the food you consume daily, and as a result highly inaccurate.However, you can use the Calorie Calculator to estimate the amount of calories for the most common Indian foods and thus try to limit high calorie foods.

What is the HealthMeter?

The HealthMeter is the analytics section of simpliFITy. From this section, you can get to know how well you did for the 3-5 Min Health activities and on your calories burnt.The HealthMeter also gives a measure of how well your activities every day have contributed to your vital body parts such as Brain, Heart, Lungs, etc. You can access these metrics from the Whole Body section of HealthMeter.

How do I update my 3-5 minute health activities?

Use the + symbol for each activity to update every time you do that activity.

How do I update the calories burnt from doing lifestyle activities?

Click on the Calorie Counter option from the top menu. In that section, select the activity you did from the drop down menu, and enter the time you did it (max of 120 minutes). Click on the Calculate button and you will see the number of calories burnt for that activity. Now, click on Add to Calories button that appears. You have added the calories for the activity.

Can I see how well I did in health activities for previous dates?

Yes, use the < and > arrows wherever you see them next to a date/day to know your performance for other dates. These are available for Main health activities, one minute health activities and for calories burnt.

Can I get analytics for the various health activities I did every day?

Yes. Use the HealthMeter section for this.

How do I know about the number of calories for food items or for various physical activities?

Use the simple to use Calorie Calculator from the top menu to determine the calories for specific foods, and for exercises/activities.

Are there notifications from the app?

Yes, the app gives hourly audio notification, which is a simple bell sound followed by a quick request to check your health. You can either turn off the notification or reduce its frequency using the Settings section.

Can I change the frequency of audio notifications I get from the app?

Yes. Use the Settings to either completely turn off audio notifications, or to change its frequency. Use the Notification Timings option under Settings to change this. The default frequency for the audio notification is three hours.

I do not wish to have the sounds whenever I click on a + under 5 mins to Health. How can I switch it off?

The sounds (which are audios related to the health activity) are provided to give a cool effect. If you wish not to have these, use the Settings section and use the On Plus Click Sound on/off option to switch it off.

Can I switch off the audio that comes whenever I update any of the health activities under simpliDo, simpliEat and simpliBreathe?

Yes. Use the Settings to do this.