A Disruptive Fitness App Tailored for Indians Looking for Investors


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That Can Make Tens of Millions of Indians Healthy?

There are thousands of health apps, but they are all targetting segments that are already doing health and fitness activities.

Health activities are critical for those in the age group 30 and above, and seniors. But 90% of Indians in this age group (about 450 million) do not do ANY FITNESS activities.


  • Because of lack of time, or
  • They think these are difficult to do

These folks are not going to run around with trackers and smart analytics. They need an app that makes health activities much shorter and easier, and an app that integrates such activities with their lifestyle.

simpliFITy is the first app that does this, with the Indian 30+ customer doing no health activity in mind.

simpliFITy does this by breaking 3 key health activities (physical activities, breathing and food) into smaller bits, and through powerful, regular triggers, enabling users to integrate these in their lifestyle.


There are about 100 million people right now in India who are 30+ and use smartphones, need to do something about their health, but are doing NOTHING.

A large % of this population could start doing health activities and become healthier with simpliFITy.

simpliFITy is promoted by EAI, a renewable energy and sustainability research firm founded by IIT/IIM graduates.

Companies interested in exploring an investment in simpliFITy can write to Narasimhan Santhanam for more details – narsi@simplifity.com

Looking for Investors

A test version was launched in Nov 2014 and the first version was launched middle of Jun 2015.

To achieve significant growth in product development and market penetration, simpliFITy is looking for investors.

What we have observed in the first 1000 test users has been inspiring, and so have been their feedback and analytics.

Some highlights from the usage in the last 2 months

  • A number of users have mentioned that this is one of the easiest health apps they have used
  • We have also heard from live feedback that simpliFITy has helped many of the users make small behavioral changes in one or more of the health activities – in some cases it is about doing short 3 minute exercises, in some others it has been about walking and in quite a few cases, users have started doing 3-minute deep breathing exercises regularly.
  • We have also received a number of suggestions for improvement from users to increase the utility of the app
Based on all the above, we are keen to take the app to the next level both in terms of product development and marketing.

In this context, we are looking for external funding.

Companies interested in exploring an investment in simpliFITy can write to Narasimhan Santhanam for more details – narsi@simplifity.com

More about simpliFITy from here.

The first version of simpliFITy was officially launched on 15 Jun 2015.

You can download the app on the Google Playstore from here.

Many thanks for your interest.