Good Morning, Exercise-lite! 90% of the world does no exercise because they think it is difficult. And they are WRONG!

Exercise. The very word brings to our mind things that are far from pleasing. An hour at a gym, 30 minutes of difficult running, or tedious stretching and straining.deskex

Man, is this the only way to stay fit?

Appears it is not.

Sure, if you are already highly motivated and have the time to do intense exercises for 30 minutes a day, you are in luck.

But I know that 90% of the world simply are not in luck.

As a result, we have two sets of people in the world today – a small set (at best 10%) that does rigorous exercises every day, and a very large set (80-90%) that do nothing.

It need not be this way.

Surely, the 90% of the people can do some amount of exercise every day?

Surely, they can.

But they don’t.

Because, no one told them that doing small amounts of exercise every day is much better than doing no exercise at all. And that doing these small amounts of exercise is nowhere near as difficult or time consuming as the longer version.

Say a big hello and welcome to Exercise-Lite.

Exercise-Lites are shorter versions of the conventional exercise. A typical Exercise-lite could last for about 3 minutes comprising three or four simple workouts.

Just 3 minutes of reasonably easy bending and pacing. Sounds easy enough, right?

Exercise-Lites are so simple and short that almost every one of us could do these 3-4 times a day, without disrupting our lifestyles at all. 

It is easy to integrate these Exercise-lites into your existing lifestyle – you could do some of these

  • sitting in your office chair, or
  • while you are in the washroom, or
  • while waiting for the bus, train or for someone.

And there’s such a variety of these Exercise-lites that even those who are over 80 years old can do some of these. There’s thus absolutely no reason for many in their 40s, 50s and 60s not to do these!

Whoever you are, how much ever is your age, wherever you live and whatever you do: You can do fitness activities every day. Live healthy. And live 7-10 years longer.

All because you just came to know that there is a simpler alternative to the dreaded exercise – the Exercise-Lite!

Some references for Exercise-Lite

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