Simplest Health and Fitness Android App on Google Play Store – simpliFITy

Whoever you are, your body needs you to do a few simple things every day to stay healthy. These few simple activities alone can make us far fitter. But most of us surprisingly don’t do these. As a result, we become fat,lose strength fast, or worse.

Why are we not doing these simple fitness activities? 

Mainly because we think fitness activities mean the following alone:

  • Going on a difficult diet
  • Running for 30 minutes every day
  • Doing yoga for 30 minutes every day
  • Other such useful but difficult activities
    All the above will give you great health, but it is difficult for most of us to practice these every day.

Amazingly, you can get good health and fitness by doing simpler activities as wellscreenshot

  • A few minutes of breathing exercise sitting right in your chair or in your car.
  • A few minutes of walking around your workplace or home
  • Making sure you have you have enough water every day
  • Ensuring you have a few bites of healthy foods a day
  • Doing small bits of exercises, each just 1-2 minutes
    All the above activities can be done from your home or office, without disturbing your everyday routines.

But how do we keep track of these activities, and be reminded frequently about these?

This is where simpliFITy comes in. The app enables you to keep track of these activities in an easy and fun way. And provides you useful reminders and analytics.