Turn office desk into vacation spot! Drift away to tranquility with these meditations!

You do not have to wait for the vacation to get away from the busy schedule, shed mundane habits and attain peace. Remember what Buddha said ? ” The mind is everything. What you think you become “. Coming to think of it, when you think you are on a vacation right at office desk, enjoying little things that goes around you, wouldn’t your mind believe that you are indeed enjoying office. Puzzled ?! Let us help you with how simple is meditation and how it brings tranquility to mind.

1. Focus on your breath.
If you are at work it is probably somewhat labored. For a few minutes just pay attention to your breathing. Watch it. Notice your chest, abdomen, shoulders rise and fall.
10315207_Breathing Meditation The Key to Meditating
2. Smiling meditation
For just one full minute stop what you are doing. Set your feet flat on the floor. Then… smile. It’s kind of funny. Don’t force it. When it feels unnatural, pause. Try it again.
3. One positive word meditation.
At least for one minute say the positive word in your mind. Pause for a second. Repeat. The mind will wander. So what. Just come back to your word.
4. Walking meditation
Steady your breath. Begin to walk. The trick in this one is to pay attention to your feet as they meet the ground. If you have to step up, notice the knees and how they work. Observe your gait. Move your thoughts to your hips. Then go back to your feet.
Foot prints walking away; in perspective
5. Musical meditation.
Pick a nice favourite tune of yours. It can be jazzy beats, or birds and oceans! Plug in. Check out. And only observe the harmony, beats and lyrics. YOU HAVE JUST MEDITATED!
6. Body focus meditation
Set your feet. This meditation is a right-where-you-are scan of the body. Put your focus on the crown of your head and observe that area. Move your attention down to the upper neck, shoulders, throat, chest, armpits, elbows, solar plexus, hips and groin, (even the hind quarters), thighs, knees, legs, ankles, toes. You’re done.
7. Observing the listener
Think about calls you are taking, co-workers chatting, and bosses lecturing. Ask yourself, “Who is doing the listening?” It will be tempting to say no one is but… somehow this immediately takes you out of the external and gets your focus back “inside”. Try it a few times. The click inside is neat.
8. Observe all the noise:
Sit still and take at least two minutes to listen to the office. In your hearing catch the fax, the cars on road, squirrel screeching, co-worker typing, the working fan sounds. You just meditated at work!
9. “I AM” mantra
I am…. Fill in the black. Pick two or three words. Steady that breathe and repeat them in your mind’s hearing for a few minutes.
10. Naming meditation
This might be difficult for some but with practice it gets kind of cool though. Once you’re settled go around the office mentally and name your co-workers in your thinking. After you say their name attach a wish of wellbeing or success: “Nithya. I wish her success in her review. Jaya. I wish her health and freedom from anger.” Do the whole office. Without doubt – it changes you and over time you may start to be less unnerved by their chaos.


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