The amazing, free health drink that’s in front of all us

My mother is a walking pharmacy shop. She has so many illnesses and consumes so many medicwater2ations every day, that I constantly wondered whether she needed a medication to overcome the ill-effects of so many medications.

And I realized that I had not wondered in vain!

Four days back, she started complaining of constant chest pain. As she has already undergone a heart surgery, any time she says chest pain, we are worried. On measuring her vital signs this time round, it was interesting: Her BP was very low (55, 90), and her pulse was very high (150). I was both worried and curious. What was happening?

If she was going to have a heart attack, her BP should be very high, not very low!

To be on the safer side, I administered her standard medications for angina, cholesterol and blood thinning. There was little change.

I was at the point of taking her to the hospital when my sister (a nurse) called me and enquired about mom.

On hearing the entire episode, she said, “Look, why don’t you ask her to drink more water?”

I thought she was joking. Here was I, mighty worried whether my mother would collapse any time, and a professional nurse was suggesting that I administer her with freaking – WATER.

Anyway, a sister has to be listened to, so I forced my mom to drink a lot more water than she would have.

And waited for 3 hours.

The effect was almost amazing. Since that time, her pain has subsided completely. Her BP is back to normal, and so is her pulse.

Other than her normal medications, she has not taken anything else last three days, and she has started doing her household chores earlier today.

Now, one can always ask: Was it just water?

In medicine, it is difficult to infer with 100% confidence in these types of cases, but my sister is confident that it was most likely water that did the trick.

You see, it could have been like this: My mother perhaps was not having any problem with her heart. Rather, a large number of medications taken by her had started giving trouble overall. As she drinks very little water usually, the dehydrated state along with the concentration of medications could have simply started bothering her too much, resulting in chest pains.

The very introduction of large amounts of water started could have acted as a detoxifier, hydrated her and neutralized the ill-effects of too-many-medicine. And brought her back to normal within a few hours.

Sure, I am being simplistic in my above explanations, but you get the idea.

My mother’s up-close-and-personal case brought home a truth to me in a powerful way:

Water is perhaps the best detoxifier around us. And through the simple act of detoxification, it is making us much healthier than we otherwise would be.

I am not suggesting that you eat all the junk in the world and rely on water to take care of the toxins in your body.

But I am definitely suggesting this: Whatever is your lifestyle, to be on the safer side, have lots of water. Every day.

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