Tips to Help Control Weight Gain During the Festive Season

This article was first published in NDTV

With New Year around the corner, it’s the time to indulge! But all this festive feasting can take a toll on your health. Most of the festive goodies are high on salt, sugar and fat. You may often get carried away and end up eating much more than needed. So, how can you avoid the side effects of binge eating? Cling to these simple, everyday tips and keep those extra calories away.

1. Early Morning Mantra – Drink hot water with a slice of lemon and tulsi

Boil some water and slip in a slice of lemon and few tulsi leaves. Let it stay for few minutes. As the hot water absorbs the essence of the lime and tulsi, it becomes rich with antioxidants. When we wake up in the morning, the digestive system needs a healthy wash before it kick-starts its functions. According to modern science, lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps in repairing the tissues. It also helps in cleansing and detoxifying. (The Ultimate One-Day Detox)

2. Have some protein to balance the effect of sugar rush

Excess sugar causes an imbalance in the levels of insulin in our body, which may make us feel bloated. In some people too much sugar consumption may also cause a mild headache. To counter these effects, it is best to add some form of protein to your daily diet. This could be in the form of peanuts, soy products like tofu or soy milk or sauteed sprouts. Proteins take time to be digested while sugar is digested quickly and goes to the blood stream almost immediately, so consuming both together helps in balancing the blood sugar levels.

3. Drink aloe vera juice – Aloe vera has many beneficial properties. It acts as an excellent detoxifier when consumed in the morning every day. It is a great remedy for acidity. The curb the effects of indigestion, mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice in half a cup of water and drink up. It will soothe the burning sensation.

4. Add some healthy bacteria to your diet – The intestine has both healthy and unhealthy gut bacteria. The healthy bacteria aid in digestion and synthesis of vitamins while the unhealthy bacteria make the environment toxic and create environment for ulcers and cancers. Therefore it’s good to stock up on certain good fighting forces by consuming yogurt and probiotic drinks.

5. Peppermint for gastric problems and bloating – Over eating tends to make your stomach gassy and distended. Peppermint acts as natural remedy and soothes the effects of indigestion. Peppermint oil and peppermint tea help in curing a bloated stomach. Consume two to three cups of tea during the entire day and you will feel relieved.


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