Walk (during) the Talk and Get Healthy

You have heard it many times – walking for 30 minutes every day does you a lot of good.

But 30 minutes appears like a long time for the busy you. As a result, you end up not walking much at all.

But you know what?

You DO have 30 minutes and more every day to walk. 

How do I know this without knowing anything about you or your schedule? 

Because I know the following:

  • Most of us spend on average 20 minutes talking over mobile while at work or home
  • Most of us spend on average 30 minutes a day in meetings (at office) and personal discussions at home.
  • Most of us spend on average 10 minutes sitting on the couch every day without doing anything

Add the above, and what do you get? 60 freaking minutes.

60 minutes when you could be walking.

Now, I know what you are saying. That most of the above are short events – many 3 minute interactions over phone, or 5 minute meetings at office, or short discussions at home about dinner or travel plans.

Sure, many of these are short events. But that’s what makes it easy.

Easy to do what?

Easy to do short walks. Each for about 5 minutes.

Yes, of the 60 minutes you spend every day, doing short activities such as speaking over mobile or having meetings, it is easy to spend half the time walking, at least walking leisurely.

That is:

  • You could walk while you are talking to your colleague on mobile, within your office or home
  • You could walk a few minutes while waiting for your favorite TV program to begin
  • You could walk during some of our office meetings, especially when it is not a very formal meeting.

And there you get your 30 minutes of walking.

Many short walks add up to long walks.

This simple math could help you lead a healthier and more enriching life!

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